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Your home is a valuable investment that needs to be protected. If your roof is 20 years old or older, it may need replacing.

That said, total roof replacement is a big job. Many homeowners feel apprehensive about the mess, noise, and stress.

At Terminus, we do things differently. As homeowners ourselves, we take steps to minimize the inconvenience and proceed with respect, as we would expect of contractors working on our homes.

If you determine it’s time to replace your roof, come to us for best-in-class service, quality, and craftsmanship. Our team takes pride knowing our work helps protect your family and the place you call home.

Licensed, Certified, and Cutting-Edge

Our inspections use advanced drone technology and 3D modeling to create a detailed plan for replacing your roof. Terminus roofing technicians are licensed and certified, putting your safety and satisfaction above all.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Asphalt shingle roofing can last about 20 years on average, and metal panel roofing can last up to 50 years or more. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or you notice one of the following issues, it might be time to schedule a roof replacement.

Water Leakage

Water leaks are the most obvious sign that your roof is nearing the end of its useful life. Roofing loses its seal over time, resulting in cracks and leaks. You might notice more leaks during the rainy season or wintertime. Leaking water can lead to severe and costly structural damage if not addressed quickly.

Roof Rot

Roof rot happens when unchecked moisture causes fungus to grow in your roof. Moisture and fungus spores will rot your roof’s structural components and pose an extreme safety hazard, as they can collapse if they experience too much stress.

Mold Growth

Mold and mildew are a danger to your inside air quality and can cause severe health concerns for people and pets. If water penetrates your roof, mold may start to grow and penetrate deep into your home’s bones, weakening its structure and leading to costly damage.

Fluctuating Energy Bills

The older the roof, the less efficient it is. If you notice your energy bills spiking drastically, even though your HVAC systems are in tip-top shape, it might be time to replace your roof and consider modern, thermally-efficient roofing materials.

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