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Protecting Life and Livelihood

Terminus understands that detecting roof damage or deterioration early is key to saving you and your business money. Done in two hours or less–our complimentary roof diagnostics give you a headstart on restoration efforts and minimize any downtime during needed repairs.

Inspections After the Storm

Big and small, storms leave a lasting impact on your commercial property and your wallet. With our expert team on site, you can preserve your business’s integrity and safeguard your people and your investment.

Pinpoint Accuracy

When nature strikes, it’s crucial to assess the aftermath. Our expert inspections identify and document storm-related damage with precision, ensuring your commercial property stays secure and your insurance claims are accurate.

Cost Prevention

Early detection is your shield against costly repairs. Our thorough post-storm inspections help you catch issues before they escalate, saving you both money and headaches down the road.

Peace of Mind

Protect the long-term value of your commercial property. Regular post-storm inspections not only preserve your investment but also enhance its resale and insurance appeal, providing you with peace of mind.

We work with most insurers to assist with claims.

Complimentary Diagnostics

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