Slate & Synthetic Slate Roofing

Long-Lasting and Maintenance-Free

As part of our suite of services, Terminus proudly offers both slate and synthetic roofing installation and repair.

Slate roofing is the material of choice for homeowners for many reasons. Its beauty, durability, sustainability, and low-maintenance features make it a premium choice for contractors and homeowners across the Southeast. Slate roofing undergoes zero chemical processes and is mined using environmentally friendly techniques.

Natural slate is water-resistant and impervious to wind damage due to its significant weight. Synthetic slate is a more cost-effective choice that gives you the look of slate without the price tag.

However, synthetic slate is human-made, usually from a rubberized synthetic polymer, requiring replacement after 20 to 30 years, a fraction of the lifespan offered by natural slate.


Natural slate is one of the most sustainable roofing materials you can choose. Since it is not manufactured, it does not produce the carbon emissions of its synthetic counterpart and can be recycled easily.

Beauty and Durability

Natural slate can last up to 100-150 years or more without requiring a replacement. Slate will not fade, degrade, or change in appearance over time. Slate is the perfect choice for older houses or new builds.


Natural slate is very low-maintenance, requiring regular inspections to check for cracks, moss, mold, and debris. Synthetic and composite slate maintenance is similar, but routine inspection and proactive maintenance are recommended in either case.

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