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What Causes Thermal Cracking Shingles in Woodstock?

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A high-quality shingle roof can do wonders for any Woodstock, GA, property. However, shingles often split and crack over time, drastically reducing your roof’s visual appeal. Unfortunately, many Woodstock residents don’t understand what causes thermal cracking shingles or how to limit its effects.

That’s why Terminus Construction Group put together some common causes of thermal cracking shingles and how to prevent the occurrence from affecting your roof.

Terminus Construction Group is your source for roof replacement experts in Woodstock, GA. Its team offers exceptional roof replacement, maintenance, and repair services that will take your roof’s appearance to new heights while preserving its structural integrity, lifespan, and more. If you need experienced roofers in Woodstock, GA, that can handle any roofing project swiftly and efficiently, contact Terminus Construction Group.

Common Causes of Thermal Cracking Shingles

Although shingles are exceedingly durable and can withstand turbulent weather without issue, they aren’t impervious to damage. Several factors can cause shingles to crack and split, making it difficult to maintain an alluring rooftop. However, thermal cracking shingles primarily stem from drastic weather and temperature changes.

How Weather and Temperature Changes Cause Thermal Cracking in Woodstock, GA

Roof shingles contract and expand when temperatures change. However, poorly installed shingles don’t have enough room to thermally expand, causing them to split and crack during the process. When they press together, shingle cracks form, causing your roof to lose its appeal while increasing the chances of leaks.

Strong winds can worsen thermal cracking by lifting and folding the shingles. You must ensure your roofing contractor securely installs your shingles to prevent wind damage and limit thermal cracking.

How to Prevent Thermal Cracking Shingles in Woodstock, GA

Working with an experienced roofing company that understands proper shingle installation methods is the best way to prevent thermal splitting and cracking. They know each shingle variation’s spacing requirements and install them using high-quality tools that provide an outstanding final product. Trusting an inexperienced roofer to install your shingle roof will make it more susceptible to thermal expansion and cracking, requiring you to hire someone to repair your roof later on.

Terminus Construction Group has over 15 years of roofing experience and will upgrade your home with a high-quality roof that’s as alluring as it is durable, guaranteed. Our team offers first-class roof installation and maintenance services that ensure your rooftop withstands the test of time without experiencing excess damage. 

Contact Terminus Construction Group for Unmatched Roofing Services in Woodstock, GA

If you want to replace your roof with an extraordinary shingle rooftop, contact Terminus Construction Group. Its roofers understand how to prevent thermal cracking shingles with industry-leading installation methods and quality materials. Whether you need roof repair or replacement services, Terminus Construction Group has the skills and experience to get the job done.

Don’t trust inexperienced roofing companies that don’t put your needs first. Give Terminus Construction Group a call or complete its online form and see what its roofers can do for you today!

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