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What Are the Signs of a Wind-Damaged Roof?

While roof materials can usually stand up to inclement weather, they may occasionally require repairs. The first thing that comes to mind may be hail or heavy rain, but heavy winds can just as easily damage your roof. Wind speeds don’t have to be hurricane or tornado-level to leave a mark.

You may need to check your property for wind damage if you live in a windy area or have experienced a recent storm. The experts in roof replacement in Woodstock, GA, list a few signs and conditions that lead to a wind-damaged roof. The sooner you address potential issues, the easier it is to file an insurance claim and schedule repairs.

What Kinds of Roof Damage Can Occur?

Some roof damage can go unnoticed without a careful eye or a birds-eye view of your roof. You can call a roofing company to check after a storm and give you a quote for repairs. Here is a list of damage types roofing contractors often see after heavy winds and storms.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles or other roofing material is a clear sign of roof damage. This damage tends to be the most visible, even to the inexperienced eye. Any peeling, missing, or dented materials expose your home to potential water damage and other issues.

If you can visibly see the damage, take photos and call your home insurance company to start filing a claim. You can also ask the roofing company to help you with this step.

Granule Loss

Granules—small crushed rocks and minerals—coat the tops of traditional asphalt shingles. They help protect your roof from wind, heat, and water damage.

They wear down over time but keep an eye out for excess granules in your gutters. In addition, note any horizontal lines or cracks in the shingle, as they could indicate shingle breakage that needs immediate repair.

Water Leakage

When you have a damaged roof, the elements that usually stay out of your property seep in, including water. Without repairs, you could end up with water damage and the issues that come with it. Some problems may include mold development or weakened wall material.

Double-check the security of your roof after a heavy storm with high winds. The last thing you want is to find mold growth in your walls after weeks of not knowing it was happening.

Nearby Debris

While not an immediate indication of a wind-damaged roof, look out for nearby debris. Some may sit on top of your roof or in the nearby yard.

If you find pieces of roof material in your yard, you have property damage that needs immediate attention. Have a contractor check and record any damage if you see branches, trash, or other debris on your roof. They could find dents or missing roof material, which leaves your home vulnerable to the elements.

Soffit and Fascia Damage

Your roof has several parts that inclement weather can damage, not just the top. Soffits are the underside architectural structures, such as roofs, which can extend beyond the walls of your property. Fascias are boards, usually of wood or other construction material, that cover the sides of a roof or rafter.

Both structures can sustain wind damage, sometimes more than the top of the roof. They help keep water out of the roof system, so any cracks, bends, or loose pieces expose your property to unwanted moisture.

What Kinds of Wind Causes Roof Damage?

Once the wind reaches a certain speed, it can cause damage by carrying debris or delivering brute force. The National Weather Service of the U.S. has recorded the potential destruction patterns of several wind speeds for reference.

25 to 39 mph

These speeds are generally safe. While entire trees can sway at peak speed, the winds have not reached the strength necessary to cause widespread damage.

40 to 45 mph

At this speed, twigs and small branches start breaking off of trees. Anyone walking outside may find they cannot walk properly. The debris could collide with rooftops and remove or crush shingles or other roofing material.

Starting at 40 mph, the National Weather Service reports that isolated wind damage may occur.

45 to 55 mph

Larger branches can break off at this speed. Shingles and other roofing materials may fly off at these speeds. Flying debris from these winds is often heavier and also capable of battering walls and windows.

55 to 65 mph

Some trees may begin tipping over or snapping. The heavier debris flying in the winds can dent metal rooftops. EF-0 tornadoes, the weakest version of this natural disaster, have a minimum wind speed of 65 mph. 

Over 65 mph

Expect heavy to severe structural damage. These speeds encompass anything from stronger EF-0 tornadoes to hurricanes and EF-5 tornadoes. If you hear reports of a tornado exceeding EF-2, consider going into a bunker or fleeing the area for your safety.

How to Receive Assistance for a Wind-Damaged Roof

Filing a claim with your home insurance company can be tedious and confusing. However, keeping the process to a few steps may help you set the right priorities:

  • Contact: Call or visit your insurance company's website. They can give you the forms needed to start the filing process.
  • Document: Take pictures of visible damage you can access and keep a description of the issues in your records.
  • Call: Contact a roofing contractor, like Terminus Construction Group, to evaluate the damage, and get a quote from them. This process will help you receive a more fair insurance settlement while simplifying the entire claims process.

While you may go through other steps in the insurance procedure, having a contractor on your side can help expedite your repairs. Terminus Construction Group experts have experience working with insurance adjusters and providing accurate details. They can help you file insurance claims and provide top-notch repair services for your wind-damaged roof.

Contact Terminus Construction Group today for a free quote and service information in Woodstock, GA, and surrounding areas.

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