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Should You Remove Shingles Before Installing a Metal Roof on Your Woodstock Home?


A high-quality metal roof can do wonders for any Woodstock, GA, home. However, many homeowners don’t know if they should remove their old asphalt shingles before starting the installation process. So, should you remove shingles before installing a metal roof?

To answer this question and more, Terminus Construction Group constructed a brief guide to teach Woodstock residents everything they need to know about replacing a shingle roof with a metal rooftop.

Terminus Construction Group is Woodstock, GA’s number one choice for professional roofing and associated services. Its roofing contractors can handle any roofing project while providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. If you want to enhance your home with a new and improved roof, contact Woodstock’s shingle roofing experts at Terminus Construction Group.

Is Shingle Removal Necessary for Metal Roof Installation?

More and more Woodstock residents find themselves upgrading their shingle roofs with first-class metal roofing. Metal roofs provide numerous benefits ranging from heightened curb appeal to increased energy efficiency. But should you remove shingles before installing a metal roof?

Unlike other residential rooftops, roofing contractors can install a metal roof over existing shingles if they pass inspection. However, installing metal roofs over asphalt shingles carries several pros and cons you must consider before starting the process.

Benefits of Installing Metal Roofs Over Shingles

Less Expensive

Removing roof shingles before installing a metal roof can increase the project’s cost. Shingle removal involves a very strenuous and time-consuming process, causing roofing companies to charge more for the service. Installing a metal roof over the shingles can diminish installation costs, saving you hundreds or more.

Less Time-Consuming

Installing a metal roof over shingles can significantly diminish installation time. Contractors won’t have to spend hours removing each shingle and can install your metal roof faster by skipping the process. You can enjoy your new metal roof without delay by installing it over your previous rooftop.

Cons of Installing a Metal Roof Over Old Shingles

Increases the Chances of Moisture Entrapment

Shoddy metal roof installation can create moisture buildup between the two roofs, making the home more susceptible to structural issues like water damage. It can also accelerate deterioration, causing you to replace your roof sooner rather than later.

Code Violations

Roofing contractors can’t install a metal roof on Woodstock homes with two existing roof layers. Homes with more than two roof layers violate Georgia’s building codes, requiring the homeowner to remove shingles before installing the metal roof.

Contact Terminus Construction Group for Professional Roofing Services in Woodstock, GA

Next time you ask yourself, “Should you remove shingles before installing a metal roof?” contact Terminus Construction Group. Its roofing contractors will handle all your roofing needs at a price that won’t break the bank. Terminus Construction Group has vast experience with all the leading metal and shingle roof types, qualifying its team for even the most demanding roofing projects.

Contact Terminus Construction Group and see what its team can do for you today!

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