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How to Stop From Moss Growing On Your Roof in Woodstock

how to stop moss growing on roof

If you’ve noticed moss growing on your roof, you may think it’s harmless. However, every homeowner should be aware of how to stop moss growing on their roof, as it may end up causing a myriad of problems. Moss growth on your roof can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your roof, resulting in costly repairs.

Woodstock’s professional roof replacement experts at Terminus Construction Group share three top tips for preventing mold growth on your roof. 

Trim Your Trees Near Your Woodstock Home

While having big, shady trees growing over your roof helps keep it a bit cooler during warm weather, those trees may also contribute to rooftop mold growth. A north-facing or shaded roof creates an ideal environment for moss, especially when combined with the humid environment and relatively mild winters in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. 

Pruning the trees overhanging your roof helps prevent moss growth in two ways. First, moss spreads and grows via spores from existing patches of moss often found on large, mature trees. Pruning the trees along your roofline helps keep the spores from landing on the roof and spreading. 

Second, pruning your trees increases your roof’s exposure to sunlight. Since mold needs shade and moisture to grow, a sunny surface is a perfect answer to how to stop moss growing on your roof. 

Install a Metal Roof or Roof Strips

The best way to keep moss from growing on the roof of your home is by installing a roof where moss can’t grow. Metal roofs naturally prevent moss growth because they’re non-porous, but a metal roof may not be a viable option for your home. Metal roofs tend to attract heat, may not fit the aesthetic style of your home, and can be costly to install. 

However, another option is to install metal strips made of copper, lead, or zinc on your shingle roof. These metals not only prevent moss growth but also work in another way. When rain hits these metal strips, it creates molecules that kill any moss it comes in contact with. Metal strips allow the rain runoff from these strips to disperse across your roof, killing existing moss and preventing new growth. 

Regularly Clean the Roof of Your Woodstock Home

If moss continues growing on your home’s roof, routine roof cleaning by a professional roof cleaner may solve your problem. Popular cleansers for roofs work using chemicals to kill existing moss and prevent new growth. When done by professionals, roof cleaning treatments generally last between four to six years, keeping moss at bay until the next application.

Terminus Construction Group | Woodstock’s Choice for Quality Roofing Solutions

If you’re wondering how to stop moss growing on your roof, look no further than the professionals at Terminus Construction Group. These experienced roofers can answer questions like “How often do roofs need to be replaced?” and “What shingles are best and why?” For the most comprehensive roofing services in Woodstock and beyond, call Terminus Construction Group today!

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