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How long does an inspection take?

The average home inspection takes anywhere from 25-45 minutes depending on the size of your home and steepness of your roof. In this amount of time we are assessing the shingles and every component that makes up your roofing system.

How long does an install take?

Most installs take 10-12 hours meaning we are usually completely finished with your roof in one business day! Our crews operate to the highest standards of installation and safety practice, making sure that it goes efficiently and effectively.

When should I have an inspection?

If your roof is older than 10 years old it is recommended that you have your roof inspected at least once a year to make sure every component on the roofing system is operating efficiently. Anytime your home experiences extreme weather such as wind storms and hail storms it is also highly recommended to have your roof checked to make sure that your roof did not sustain anydamage from the storms.

What shingles are best and why? (Or what if I want to switch to metal)?

For the average Homeowner, a laminated or architectural shingle is going to be the best roofing system to install on their home. These shingles carry extended warranties and are also able to withstand damages caused by more severe storms.

Metal roofs are great but do require annual maintenance to make sure the roofing system performs correctly.

Does a new roof increase the value of my home?

Architectural and designer shingles are known to increase a home's value up to 7%! In addition to that, in such a competitive real estate market, a new roof offers fresh curb appeal that could be the tipping point when it comes time to sell!

Do you also do gutters?

Yes! We offer many different gutter systems to suit the needs of you, the homeowner!

How much does a replacement cost?

There are many different factors that affect the cost of a full roof replacement! Our greatest recommendation is to meet with one of our roofing specialists to work with you on the necessary components needed on your roof replacement to help you work towards a cost that fits your budget

Why not just use my cousin that can do it for cheaper?

As a homeowner you have every right to select the contractor of your choosing. It
is important to choose a contractor who is backed and certified by a manufacturer! Contractors who are manufacturer certified can offer extended workmanship warranties while non-certified Contractors cannot.

Can you waive my deductible?

We at Terminus Construction Group will not waive deductibles because it is a form of insurance fraud and is against the law. As a homeowner it is your contractual obligation with your insurance provider to pay the deductible amount towards the cost of your roofing claim.

I just moved into this house, how long do I have to wait to file a claim?

Your insurance policy covers your home as soon as you activate the policy. Therefore you are able to file a claim if necessary once the policy is activated. It is important that you file a claim after an active storm has happened. The storm must have happened after your policy was activated.

If I file a claim, will my premiums go up?

There are certain stipulations as to what causes insurance premiums to go up after claims are filed. Storm damage is considered an “ACT OF GOD” and is something you as a homeowner could not have prevented from happening to your home. It is recommended that you consult with your insurance agent should you have any questions about your policy!

Who are we? And Warranty questions?

Terminus Construction Group is a family owned and operated Roofing and construction small business. We are proudly female owned and operated. We were founded in 2020 AND pride ourselves in being “your last stop for all of your construction needs”.

We offer the certified manufacturer warranties (with options for upgraded warranties) with all roofs and our workmanship warranty.

We specialize in both commercial and residential roofing, exterior painting, gutters and more!
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My experience with Terminus Construction was top notch from start to finish. I mainly worked with Tyler who was so helpful in picking out the perfect roof color. The crew was professional and worked diligently throughout the day.
Janice Sisk
I recently had my roof replaced by Terminus Construction Group after a storm and having some wind and hail damage. They were in the neighborhood replacing some other roofs. They did a quick inspection with a drone and confirmed I had.
Mark Stevenson
Terminus replaced the roof on my house this summer, and everything went perfectly. They arrived on time for the job, and knocked it out in a day. Mark, the sales lead that I worked with was great. Easy to reach, and made sure everything was…
Jennifer Pearson
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