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Steep Slope Commercial Roofing in Woodstock, GA

Terminus Construction Group should be your first choice for all your steep slope commercial roofing needs in Woodstock. Contact us today!

Terminus Steep slope roofing

Many commercial buildings opt for low slope roofs, but there is a market for steep slope roof commercial properties. If you are interested in steep slope commercial roofing options in Woodstock, GA, Terminus Construction Group should be your first choice.

With over 15 years of experience, Terminus Constriction group dedicates itself to excellent service and craftsmanship. As a locally-owned operation, we provide a level of service that you can only get from a small business. Let us help you with your next roofing project in Woodstock, GA.

Our certified shingle roofing experts can handle the job, whether you want GAF, Atlas, or Owens Corning.

Steep Slope Experts in Woodstock

Terminus Construction Group specializes in both commercial and residential roofing projects. We use a wide range of advanced methods for design and construction, including 3-D computer modeling and drone surveying. Steep slope roofing requires an expert touch—one that we can provide.

As GAF-Certified roofers, we can guarantee a high quality of work. All our technicians receive training in the latest installation and repair techniques. We also work with industry-leading manufacturers and producers. Our clients can rest easy knowing that they are in expert hands.

Benefits of Steep Slope Roofing for Your Woodstock Business

Below are some of the most prominent benefits of choosing a steep slope roof for your Woodstock business.

Drains Water

Flat roofs often have problems with standing water. However, the angles of a steep roof direct water into the proper drainage channels, minimizing the occurrence of pooling and puddles. In the same vein, steep slope roofs reduce snow build-up and snow load during the winter.

More Attic Space

Steep roofs also provide more attic space for storage and insulation. If your business has high storage requirements, then a sloped roof can provide that extra space without building horizontally out of your main establishment.

More Ventilation

Georgia gets heavy rains during the spring, so proper ventilation is crucial for preventing mold and algae growth. Steep roofing allows for sufficient ventilation and keeps moisture levels low, preventing mold growth and wood rot.

Curb Appeal

Many business owners favor steep roofs for their appearance. The high vaults and elegant angles of steep roofs complement virtually any architectural style. Curb appeal is crucial for business success, and a steep roof provides a more decorative, modern look.

If you have a metal roof, our metal roofing professionals can provide repairs, maintenance, and replacement. 

Contact a Steep Slope Roofing Expert in Woodstock Today!

When you choose Terminus Construction Group, you are choosing more than just a roofing contractor. You are choosing a reliable partner you can trust. No matter what kind of roofing project you have in mind, our expert team is ready and willing to help.

Are you looking for quality steep slope roofing services in Woodstock, GA? Contact Terminus Construction Group online or call us today at (678) 880-8346 to schedule a free consultation!

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My experience with Terminus Construction was top notch from start to finish. I mainly worked with Tyler who was so helpful in picking out the perfect roof color. The crew was professional and worked diligently throughout the day.
Janice Sisk
I recently had my roof replaced by Terminus Construction Group after a storm and having some wind and hail damage. They were in the neighborhood replacing some other roofs. They did a quick inspection with a drone and confirmed I had.
Mark Stevenson
Terminus replaced the roof on my house this summer, and everything went perfectly. They arrived on time for the job, and knocked it out in a day. Mark, the sales lead that I worked with was great. Easy to reach, and made sure everything was…
Jennifer Pearson
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