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Brief Guide to Making a Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim

Visible sign of storm damaged roof

Filing a storm damage roof insurance claim can seem daunting for some, but this guide can help homeowners through the process. Learn about the various types of storm damage, what your plan may cover, and essential steps to take. 

Terminus Construction Group performs storm damage roof repair in Woodstock, GA, and neighboring communities. Homeowners in the local area can contact us when unexpected storm damage strikes your roof, providing expert and immediate repair in your time of need.

What Types of Roof Damage Will Homeowners' Insurance Cover?

Prepare for unexpected emergencies by knowing what your homeowners' insurance covers, but every company and insurance policy may differ. Insurance companies almost always cover roof repair because they consider it "dwelling" or structural. Policies often cover roof repair due to accidents and sudden issues such as fire, hail, heavy snow, or wind.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your roof keeps it in good shape and prevents the denial of your reimbursement claim. It is wise for homeowners to obtain an RCV (replacement cost value) policy instead of an ACV (actual cost value). The difference between these means receiving an amount for the damaged roof's after-storm value and the roof's pre-storm value.

Insurance may replace your entire roof, despite only a portion of it experiencing damage. Your insurance company might need to allow for a complete replacement if they cannot find a match for the exact materials used. Every case differs, and the severity and type of storm play a role in determining the reimbursement amount.

Hail and Wind Damage

Many insurance companies, but not all, have decided in more recent years to classify storm damage under subcategories based on causes. Some may view hail and wind damage as separate issues because they have dealt with many storm damage roof insurance claims. 

  • If your roof is in good condition and new, you may qualify for roof replacement coverage and receive full reimbursement.
  • If your roof is in poor condition and old, ACV may be the coverage you can purchase. The value of your roof could be lower than you would hope for, factoring in the materials and post-storm condition. Your insurance will offer you some of the cost, but you pay the rest.

How To File a Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim

Time is of the essence when filing a storm damage roof insurance claim. You should contact your insurance company as soon as you detect damage after the storm hits. You can call your mortgage company if needed. 

The vital steps to take to file a claim are: 

  • Document Any Signs of Damage: Gather as much evidence as possible that a storm has affected your roof, perhaps destroying it. It is also a good idea to inspect your entire home because the damage may be more severe than you think. Take photos and videos and save any receipts for lodging and food expenses if your home becomes unlivable. 
  • Review Your Insurance Plan/Policy: If you haven't done so already, take the time to learn about your storm damage policy and any related policies. Does yours cover wind and hail damage? Is your coverage for ACV or RCV?
  • Keep a Detailed Correspondence Log: As you document damage and expenses, you should also log any conversations or correspondences. These include ones with your insurance company, contractors, and anyone involved in the claim. 
  • Obtain Multiple Estimates: It is better to receive at least three estimates from various roofing companies than to go with the first one you find. You can compare your options, including price and the reputation of the businesses. Keep track of your written estimates from each company, and do not wait for an adjuster to provide you with a number.
  • Schedule Repairs After a Claim Approval: Try to wait to hire a contractor until you hear back about your claim. However, not everyone will be able to, and immediate repairs might become unavoidable. 

Roof Inspectors and Adjusters Assess the Damage

Your insurance company will have an adjuster or roof inspector review the damage. Hopefully, it will match what you documented. Their assessment helps your insurance determine how much they will reimburse you, and you can have your contractor present for assistance. 

What Your Insurance Company Won't Cover?

Insurance companies will not cover your roof's poor condition if you do not maintain it. Caring for your roof and performing necessary repairs or inspections is vital to increase its lifespan and to get the most out of it.

Flood and earthquake insurance are separate from homeowners' insurance, which does not cover these issues. You may need to purchase extra coverage if you worry about floods and earthquakes damaging your roof or home.

Beware of Roof Repair Scams

We want to warn Woodstock, GA, residents about contractors that take advantage of people in need. The aftermath of storms creates a vulnerability that scammers utilize to make money. Be wary of people offering services that seem too good to be legitimate or that detect "hidden" or suspicious roof damage.

It may seem like you will get the deal of a lifetime, but you may just be scammed. Verify these contractors carry the proper certifications and licenses and look up their business to determine their reputation. Treat forged documents or a lack of online presence as immediate red flags. Large upfront payments can be predatory.

Contact Terminus Construction Group for Storm Damage Roof Repairs and Replacement

Terminus Construction Group is a team of roofing experts and professionals ready to assist with numerous construction cases. Our roofing contractors are always punctual, dependable, and helpful when you need them. We have residential and commercial roofing services and work with metal, shingle, and specialty roofing.

We know how important it is to get your home or business safe and habitable again, so let us prevent further damage and restore your roof. The town of Woodstock, GA, has safety tips and recommendations to consider before a storm. 

Contact Terminus Construction Group after filing your storm damage roof insurance claim. We can assist you with our reliable roofing services. 

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